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3 simple steps to achieving your best vision

Send us a copy of your prescription & complete registration

Your most recent eye examination results need to be within the recommended recall period as stated by your optometrist. This recall period can vary between 1-2 years (and often 6 months in some cases, including kids). Remember, your opticians are obliged to provide you with a copy of your eye test results so don't hesitate to ask for it.

This is the foundation of everything - it allows us to really drill into what your eyes need for best correction. It's great for you to also communicate your needs & lifestyle to us because we can really fine tune which lens type is best for you. Click on the button below to get started.

Senior Woman with Glasses

We will respond

Whether you prefer email or a call back - which you will have stated in your form - we will get in touch with professional advice, lenses (and frame) options and a quote tailored to your prescription/needs. We aim to revert back to you in 24 hours, but in some cases we may need a little longer depend on the nature of the prescription.

If you are happy with the quote for your new glasses, we guide you on next steps and begin production!

Rest assured, we help you at every stage and talk you through how we derive all the measurements we need.  


The glasses production

We will advise, fit (if you can collect) or post you your brand new glasses once they are complete! 


Upon receiving them, all instructions and advice available 7 days a week for a FULL aftercare service.

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