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Meet chief 'glasses guy' and founder

Raj Shivraj


A qualified dispensing optician (registered with the General Optical Council), with over 20 years of experience, he understands the patient journey within a practice and wants to bring expert help to spectacle wearers - but to simplify the process! In his own words, he describes his route to market...

"Integrity and passion. These are the two words that describe the desire for the industry that I have been involved with for most of my working life. I realised at 16 years old whilst working for Boots Opticians, a certain fascination in the world of spectacles and listened closely to my peers. Almost 25 years later, I feel the industry is such an exciting place with consistent new innovations both in frame and lens designs.

A pair of glasses is more than a piece of plastic or metal... it becomes integrated with the face it decorates....

Having worked for top end opticians in the country, as well as the simple most, I am here to say - in confidence - that spectacle wearers worldwide can count on this platform to save money on prescription lenses, and eyewear overall. I care about your eyes, just as much as I care about my own"

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